A cynical optimist?

As I flick through another picture of my friends having and I quote “the time of  their lives” at uni, am I jealous when the album finally comes to an end? No. I came to peace with the fact that I wouldn’t be joining them, way before they even started the application process. To me when they rave about the latest freshers party and that they missed yet another lecture it just seems like a very expensive hangover. Why get into all that debt for a simple party if you don’t really care, or for that matter really  need the degree? It got me thinking, my friends simply don’t want to say goodbye to their youth and to be honest I can’t blame them for that. I don’t want to grow up yet either, in fact im not sure I will ever be ready. I have an adventurous streak and from the age of six, in between wanting to be a lawyer and a writer I always said I was going to travel the world. Fast forward thirteen years and I’m ready to start planning. Passports, Visas, Flights, Hostels its pretty full on. Australia is a massive country full of opportunity, for both my career and travel plans.  What started as a silly little dream has turned into my reality and im loving every single second of planning what I thought up all those years ago. The only problem is, when I was six I may have been able to fit my life into a backpack… now days im not sure the baggage allowance would be enough for my shoes alone – still that’s all part of the fun. This is going to be the biggest adventure not only for me but also for my nearest and dearest. I’m going to say goodbye to some of my best friends and in turn my parents have to say goodbye to their baby. I think it’s then and only then we will all understand the phrase “memory’s last a lifetime” because for a while at least, memory’s are all we are really going to have… and maybe Skype!


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