suitcase or backpack?

Thats it, our flights are booked. No turning back now. On the 27th August 2012 I will be jetting off on a big adventure, to see and experience new things. The plane journey may well be the most boring 24 hours of my entire life but im certain the following 24 months will more than make up for that. A stop over in Dubai? Sounds glamorous doesn’t it? But no 7 hours in an airport terminal drinking endless Starbucks and reading my favourite magazine cover to cover at least three times will be a far cry from the yachts and seven star hotels the celebs are used to when they visit. Still no grumbling, I tell my self to think what awaits when I finally touch down in Perth – sunshine and paradise but most of all a nice comfy bed to recover from that jet lag (well hopefully!) Before I get carried away with what awaits I need to tackle the important issue of what do I take with me? A suitcase is the ever practical option, it has got me through various holidays and I KNOW that I can fit a lot of clothes in – at a push I estimate at least three-quarters of my wardrobe, but this isn’t just a holiday. Being honest I quite fancy looking like im a traveller, after all surely that is the point. Pulling a suitcase behind me in a busy city when im trying to navigate my way around? No thank you, ive seen it more than enough times in London and not only is it a pain in the arse for which ever tourist it is pulling their case behind them, it’s also a hassle for everyone around you and I for one don’t want to be the subject of those tuts and shakes of the head.  I want to look rustic, so when I wave goodbye at the airport I can actually wave instead of having a fight with the suitcase. Backpack it is for me then. Camera, Passport, Ipod all the usuals are already on the check list, its just narrowing don those clothes.  Everyone says half the clothes you think you will need. Well I think I may need all of mine at some point, but not taking all those UGGs will leave room and it gives me reason to buy more…I am going to be in Australia after all!


6 thoughts on “suitcase or backpack?

  1. Hey there,

    I found this post while surfing the “travel” tags. Hahaha, 7 hours in the airport isnt THAT bad. I once did 14 on my way down to Argentina, and I’ll be doing 16 on my way down to Peru in 15 days….but maybe I’m just no good at planning flights? hah

    You also get used to carrying less with you as you travel more and more. If you can do it with only a carry-on that would be ideal. Have fun though, I’ve always wanted to go to Australia. Maybe one day.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,


  2. I have a hatred for airports would much rather explore whats outside of them than looking round the shops! Most of them are so dull and boring! Im sure you will love Peru i was going to do some volounteer work there but chose Australia instead!

    Have fun!

    • Thats definitely true. Usually I just go to one of the bars, grab a few drinks, the wrap my arms around all my luggage and fall asleep in the chairs haha. Thanks! I’m sure Australia will be equally as awesome.

  3. While trapped in the airport, why don’t you try observing the movement around you and jot them down in your notebook. Your notes might be a good resource in coming up with travel entries here.

    Now, backpack or suitcase! I go for backpack since it makes my hands free in taking pictures. A travel neck pouch is a must-have for your wallet and small necessities.

    Happy Itchy-Feeting!

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