how to survive that endless journey?

I have ranted about this a lot I know, but everyone hates the journey don’t they? Wether its the journey to the airport when it seems you have been travelling for about 4 hours when really you’ve barely been gone 25 minutes, the plane or even just coming home when time goes super quick, everyone has some sort of hatred . To me all journeys are pointless, you see virtually nothing of where you travel through and you are  always waiting for something, admittedly for most of my family it is me that they are actually waiting for. Then when your finally on your way you have to check for the millionth time that you havent forgot anything and even though you have seen it plenty of times during your trip to the airport, you get there and can’t find the passports which you  put in the zipped pocket for extra safety.  To top all that off you can guarantee the weather will be miserable and that reflects in your mood – so far not a great start. I devised a great way of keeping myself entertained – not for the car journey – but for the wait in the airport. I people watch and in an airport this is very amusing, watching the family who are arguing on which way the gate is, or the business man running at 100mph so not to miss his flight, blackberry in one hand, a coffee in the other, it’s an amazing way to pass time. In an airport there is always something going on, so why not entertain yourself, there are tv shows that are made about this sort of thing after all. Of course if you’re in a foreign country and you don’t understand the language this makes for more fun, body language often shows it all, so why not make up what they are saying? I also ensure im fully stocked up on my favourite magazines, I have a few spare books and my Ipod is crammed full of my latest favourite tunes. Sorted for the airport side of the journey. Now planes, that’s the hard part. I tend to sleep and watch the movies. Sometimes I play some cards but 52 card pick up isn’t quite as amusing in such a confined space. That’s what I generally do to keep myself amused, what are your guys tips? I need all I can get for the long journey ahead of me!


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