Packing the Essentials: Explained.

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Yep if you’ve read any of my other pieces you will know by now that packing my whole life away into a backpack is going to be a very difficult challenge. Now I have got over the shock at leaving behind my whole wardrobe  im confident that I know what the essentials are. That’s right, me, a teenage girl, knows what the essentials are. A couple of things to mention first though – I am going to Australia – not somewhere exactly “third world” so my packing list will vary from a lot of other travellers. Secondly you’re not going to see items such as sun tan lotion. I’m not saying you don’t need it because you do, im saying im saving my baggage allowance for other things – I will buy toiletries like that once im there.

A Good Backpack is an essential before you even start thinking about what needs to fill it. For those more experienced(and less clothes, make up and fashion mad) travellers I would defiantly say smaller the better. After all everyone has been telling me half then half again what you think you will need.Mine is rather large at 66ltrs, but as a first time backpacker, I want to be extra sure that I can fit in everything, not to mention I am travelling for two years. Remember this though ladies “only take what you can carry” – it soon changed my mind on all those shoes I said I needed!

A Camera to capture every single moment is not a necessity but its something I always have with me whenever im out and about – even in the UK. So to me it seems silly not to take it away when im going to see such beautiful and new things. In actual fact im taking two cameras with me. Yep some of you are going to scream at me that I am silly I know. I’m taking my DSLR with me and then my normal “messy-a-bouty” camera for those shots which don’t need such good quality, for those photos that are destined for Facebook!

Lets face it, it’s a daft one but Pyjamas have got to be right up there on the top of your list too. Hostels, camp sites or even couch surfing are going to be the main residence for most travellers and as much as you like to sleep in the nuddy at home, im sure it would give your hosts the fright of their lives if they unexpectedly caught a glimpse when you’ve thrown the duvet off in the middle of the night. That in mind – im keeping myself well covered.

Its hot. What do you need? A bikini. Everyone when they’re travelling to somewhere like Australia, Asia or wherever are bound to want to go on the beach at some point. Australia especially, its home to Great Barrier Reef and im not missing out on that. Top tip for you though girls, your travelling, your bound to do some physical activities, so make sure its well fitting and supportive, you don’t want any shock appearance like ive had. Embarrassment can ruin great days out…

My Ipod is my life. Without it I would be lost, so needless to say this is one thing I will defiantly be packing. Handy whilst your on the road, getting ready for some drinks or you just want to block everything else out around you. So useful 🙂

As an aspiring writer I take inspiration from whats around me, anything however small or big can set of some sort of idea for a blog entry or a quick article. So with that in mind a notepad is always of use, I will forget all the detail if not. Even if it’s just to jot down a place name or even a contact for a possible job opening, you’re going to need it at some point… that and a pen of course.

And finally the absolute must have… your passport. Without it your only going to travel as far as the check in desk and as pleasant as that experience might be, im sure it wont match up to that adventure you had planned.

My list of must have things cover what I feel is important to me. I’m not going to lecture on what clothes to take, what toiletries you need or that you need a plug adaptor. These are no brainers and if you don’t realise you need deodorant and shower gel etc in a hot country, well you really need to think about your hygiene standards. As for things like adaptors, yes you do need them, they are a must have but if you do forget them im sure you can pick them up real cheap anyway. A good packing list ive found is its super detailed and after reading that baby I know im not going to forget a thing.


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