5 Things I Will Miss About Home: And A Million I Wont.

Home is where the heart is – or so the saying goes. Is that entirely true? I’m not too sure. When I consider what I am going to miss the most about leaving home its only people that springs to mind. My family and friends, that’s all I could come up with which frankly, is rather sad. That’s what happens I suppose when you come from a tiny town which is at least a decade behind the rest of the country, there’s no activity that I will miss greatly, or really any major event that I am going to miss out on. Spalding in general is dull. My friend said to me yesterday there’s got to be some things you will miss about the place, but honestly I struggled to come up with five. If I was counting the people it would be a different story but no im not allowed to do that, it has to be five things about home that I will miss in some way shape or form – much easier if I lived in a city im sure.  But once again I have surprised myself and thought of five things I am truly going to miss in my time away from home.

Now top of the list is home cooked dinners. My mum isn’t a Michelin starred chef by any ones standards but there’s something comforting about her cooking – Sausage and Mash, so simple but my favourite. It’s normally my first request after a two week holiday and im sure after two years I will be pining for it. Then there’s my bed, nothing will ever be so comfortable. The pillows soft and fluffy, the duvet cosy and warm, the mattress has the perfect amount of springiness. In a way I suppose I will kind of miss work? Ha! ok maybe not, but the loss of   a constant wage and the occasional splurge from that is definitely going to hit me hard. Then there’s the familiarity – going out and knowing you will bump into someone you know, knowing that I will definitely never be on my own. Where im going to be is a far cry from that.

Ok that wasnt five things but by now you have the gist don’t you. I’m not going to miss the rain, the lack of excitement or the “fun” that this sleepy little town brings.I’m not going to miss the stress of work, living somewhere where every knows your business and the constant nagging of family members to find a direction in life. I’m not going to miss Tuesdays market day, a saturday night on the town or any of those little shops.  I’m very much looking forward to spreading my wings and getting to see the real world where I can wake up near a beach, try new things and make everyday an adventure. I don’t want to get bored with Australia so I have vowed to myself to do something with the “wow” factor everyday. I want to come home and be able to say those really were the best days of my life.


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