An Insight of Me.

From the little time I have to sit and write about myself im hoping to cram enough for you to get to know me in as few sentences (or paragraphs, pages, and blog entrys) possible.  Im a firm believer that everyone sees every situation in a different light. My view on the world may be a lot different from your average person, sometimes too positive, sometimes maybe cynical but you will learn alot more about that in my posts.

Sorry. I havent introduced myself to you have I? Im Jade, nineteen years old, an aspiring writer and hopeless romantic. One day you will see my name in the small print at the bottom of some article you have read, you wont remember it. Then you will see it again, at the top of my regular column, in your favourite magazine or newspaper – it will start to become familiar. Then one day in the years to come you will see it again – on the bestsellers list. Thats when you will remember. Thats when you will all know who I am. Then and only then will all my dreams come true.


So why LoveFromJade? This is going to be my “letters” home to my friends and family whilst im away. The purpose is to have them with me wherever I go, to let them see what I am doing and how much I think about them.

Happy Reading Guys!


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