Perfect Parcels.

So the festive season is fast approaching us! Can you believe how quick years pass by when your all grown up? I can’t. So much has happened this year yet it feels like yesterday that I was celebrating the start of 2011, my last year of school, my last year of endless rules. This year as I see 2012 begin im going to be celebrating something else; a new chapter of my life, the start of a big adventure, that will see me separated from my friends and family and everything I know. Before all that fun begins though, there’s one more thing I have to endure – Christmas. Now don’t get me wrong, im no Scrooge. I love the christmas shopping, the preparation of the food, the cheesy songs on the radio. I put hours, no days, of thought into the perfect gifts. I select the perfect card, something sweet for the grandparents, something cute for the sister, some sort of “funny” catch line for my friend. I carefully colour coordinate the most fashionable wrapping paper and tags to suit each gender. I sit and curl and twirl ribbons to glam up the neatly wrapped parcels. Does everyone put this much effort into their christmas celebrations? Sadly not. Although of course presents is not what christmas is all about, in the 21st century they play a vital part. Can you imagine telling a child Santa wouldn’t be coming, it would just be a day with family round for a roast turkey dinner? It’s just not how things are anymore. Gifts almost always come first for a lot of people and family comes a close second.  The reason behind all my effort is to show the family, which I don’t always see at christmas, how much I care. Although im not physically with them, they can see ive worked hard and thought about them, ive not just forgotten they exist! This year is important for me, my last christmas at home for a few years and I want absolutely everything to run perfect and the presents is always where I start. With a family like mine, it is impossible for us all to be together, as much as I would like to be and this is the frustrating part. Pretty parcels mask what my christmas is lacking – a whole family together. But maybe this year it can be different. Lets wait and see.