My journey with no destination.

I havent updated any of you on my plans for a while now – ive been busy working to save my money for the trip AND im in the middle of getting another blog up and running, so for my tardiness I apologise. With only four months to go ive realised the planning that is going into this adventure is half the fun, the destination  as of yet is an outcome I havent achieved. A journey in the typical sense is getting from A to B but ever since my very first blog post ive been on a very different type of journey. I’ve learnt a lot about myself as a person all through the organisation of one rather large adventure. I’ve had to learn a lot of things, ive met all kinds of deadlines, researched my heart out and even after a long day at work  when all I want to do is get into bed and stay there, ive had to be up and ticking of the next task on the ever increasing to do list. I’ve had to write plenty of those too – lists I mean. Shopping lists, List of important documents I need, Packing lists – colour coded in order of importance on who needs to take what. It’s safe to say if I wasnt organised before I definitely am now. I’ve never been more in control of my finances, I work to save splurging occasionally on a treat. Before all this started the only thing I really knew about money was how to spend it. I’ve always been a home bird, never to far from my family and friends but that’s changing to. I’m maximizing the fun that we all have now because in a few months that will be gone, but forever having Australia in my mind im constantly nagging them all to get Skype. I’m packing up my room, selling my stuff and finding things I didn’t really know I had. Its one big emotional rollercoaster, with me jumping on and off admist the planning confusion. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed finding out all these things about myself, even though I still am young and carefree, ive learnt I can be super organised , money conscious and juggle hundreds of tasks all at once. Now if that doesn’t boost a CV I don’t know what will. And to any employer who thinks “that’s not real work” I challenge them to do all of that and work full time on the side. It’s certainly been one massive journey all right. They said when I booked the tickets the journey time would be twenty three  hours – they were wrong so far its been six months and I still havent reached my destination.


School Day Realisations.

With running the risk of sounding old, the school years really are the best years of your life. If you told me that when I was fourteen I would have laughed you straight out of the classroom but now, five years on, with probably a maturity twice the level I had back then, I totally agree with that cliché statement. Now I had brains, I didn’t need to try to hard to achieve top end grades. Did I get in trouble? No, I had a mere one detention in the whole of my secondary school life and that was only for my phone being on my desk. Was I a “perfect” student?  No I don’t believe there has ever been a perfect person to walk the world, everyone does something bad at some point and as far as students go, we all have mischievous moments! For me, homework was always complete, I always tried hard and sometimes I even did a little extra work.  So I guess my school life sounds really boring but in actual fact it was far from it. I applied the work hard play harder approach to my GCSE years. School work was important but so was my down time with my friends and some time for myself for that matter. Friends make your school life, never again will you get to spend so much time together, without schedules colliding or commitments getting in the way. Back then I  wasnt the popular girl by anyones standards, but I had  a great bunch of friends and a few very close ones which I spent most of my waking hours with. It’s these few that I remain close to now, the rest come and go but that’s a different story all together. I have a younger sister who really didn’t believe me when I said the GCSE years are the best of your life. Really though this is the last time you will ever be able to have that much freedom without the worry of work, money and all the boring stuff you have to come to grips with as you get older. Its my friends that got me through school, I had a different set of friends for most classes and the group I spent my time with outside the school gates. School is all about  learning, having a laugh and making mistakes. It’s a practice for what you face in the big wide world. It’s at school where we face many firsts, our first relationships, break – ups and close friendships. It’s a really special time and you learn a lot not just in the class room but about yourself as a person. Would I change any of the time I had at school if I could? Yes there are a few mistakes I wish I could go back and correct, but the whole experience and friends ive gained more than make up for that. My top tip for all of you; enjoy it, you might complain about homework but that is just a small . I’m not saying you shouldnt work hard because you should, education is important just really appreciate everything that comes with it. If I could go back and have those GCSE yearsagain I would, if I could have the luxury of the wage of a full time job to go along with it!